New Mix: Flosstradamus – “B⚠NNED”

Straight fire. Flosstradamus is on the front lines. Download here by entering the password “UNDERGROUND”! Turn up the speakers. Turn up the sub.

Hey guys,

I hope to give you all the information I can by making this Pandoras Box Review. Pandora's Box, by Vin Dicarlo is a hot new dating program aimed to teach guys that there are 8 different types of women out there. He also gives you the advice and strategies you will need to make sure you are acting in a way that attracts the type of girl you are trying to get.

I personally loved the program, but I must say it is more advanced than some of the other products like maybe the mystery method.

Watch this review on youtube:

Pandoras Box Review

Be sure to read more about the types of personalities types within the program to make sure the girl you are looking for is one of them.

Also that site above shows who the product is for and who it is not for, so make sure to see if the program is a good fit before you jump into things.

After checking out more of Vin's products, I can tell he really cares about the success of the guys he coaches, and this program is no different.

What I came to realize is that this program is very similar in how it identifies personality types, much like the Briggs Myers Type Indicator.

So if you are not afraid to put in a little bit of effort, and want the tools to meet and be attractive to women like you have never been before, I suggest you give Pandoras Box a try. It worked for me.

New Video: Holidays perform “Holes”

I feel in love with Holidays on my first listen, and since summer is now here they’re getting a lot more play time while I lay out on the beach in between skim and bodysurf sessions. If you weren’t with us back when we originally posted them, feel free to click on that link and give their debut LP “Young Love” a listen. Here’s an acoustic version of “Holes” courtesy of La Pate a Films.

New Track: Giraffage – “Money”

We’ve been keeping up with Giraffage for just over a year now, and he has yet to disappoint us. Sweet baby JE$U$ do I love 808 cowbells. Enjoy!

ß∆©K IN THE G∆M∑


WILL HAYWARD YOU’RE MY HERO. Have you guys been reading the stuff this guy has been posting? I took my month of paid time off from the site (Will pays me well), but now I have decided it is time to come back. I am going to dust off the old turntables, maybe DJ a few shows before Summer ends, and start shooting more things with my fancy new video recording device. I love you Willy. Thanks for keeping this thing going. Here is a song for some mid day snackage. New Passion Pit album Gossamer is amyazang.

Crystal Castles – “Plague”

Brand new material from Crystal Castles. Free download. Happy Wednesday.

Ashbury Fall 2012 Look Book

Still killing it.

SBTRKT – “Gloss”

So very glossy.

Bear Mountain – “Two Step” and “Survive”

“Two Step” is such a feel-good track that I’ve already listened to it three times while working on this post. “Survive” was originally written by Germany Germany who, if you’ve been with us for a while, you’re probably familiar with. There’s also a remix of the track that dropped about five days ago, and all are up for free download. We love Bear Mountain and we’re really excited for his upcoming album, which is set to release August 7th. We were lucky enough to get an interview with him a little while ago that you might want to check out if you haven’t already. Great people making great music is a great thing. Super great. Get the album when August rolls around, it’s going to be great.

New Track: Blood Diamonds – “Ritual”

Blood Diamonds has been hanging out with Grimes, Skrilly, Diplo, and TOKi lately. I wonder if it’s a LAN party.. or maybe they’re all working on some new material while Grimes plays with the visualizer on iTunes. Anyway, here’s that new track from Blood Diamonds. It’s tasty.

Chelsea Wolfe – “Flatlands” (Glassroom Sessions)

My love for Chelsea Wolfe cannot adequately be expressed through words. “Flatlands” is from her forthcoming acoustic album, set to be released in the Fall on Sargent House. Keep in touch.


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