Good Ol’ Days


Just running through some old videos on youtube. These were the good ol’ days. I miss these dudes like crazy.

Video: Holy Ghost – “Wait & See”

A day in the lives of Alex & Nick of Holy Ghost!, Played by Alex & Nick’s dads.


New: Craft Spells “Party Talk” video

(via Impose TV)

This is the first song i heard by Craft Spells and still is by far my favorite Craft Spells song. Indie babes + Craft Spells. What more could you want?

Neighborhood Watch: NEONCLOUD

New to the blogosphere, NEONCLOUD is kind of a mystery for now. I’m sure it won’t be too long before he blows up though. So far, there is only 3 songs on NEONCLOUD’s Soundcloud. And all 3 are SUPER GOOD. Seriously, have yourself a little break from this long and boring Monday and listen to these good tunes.





Neighborhood Watch: Dominic Pierce

“The man, Dominic Pierce. The mild-mannered producer with training as a jazz drummer, now experimenting with possibilities in structured dance music forms. Spending many years obsessed with what has been come to be known as a French sound – he continues to explore the techniques and the inspiration for some of his favorite sounds. But it is his young life spent listening to the rnb music of his older cousins that continues to shape the heart of a Dominic Pierce sound. Smooth, soulful and melodic but sometimes challenging.”

From G-funk to Slowjams, this guys got it down. Catchy loops, nostalgic vibes. Well worth a listen.

Click the “▼” to download

Click the “▼” to download

He has a new EP that came out recently, head over to his Soundcloud to get that, and a bunch of his other stuff.

Dominic Pierce Soundcloud

Dominic Pierce Bandcamp


Not New. Still good: The Vaccines

Cannot stop listening. Has a 60′s UK garage punk feel. I’m Boring.

Wreckin’ Bar (Ra Ra Ra)



Listen: Shigeto


If you like anything in the lines of Com Truise, Mux Mool or Nosaj Thing, you’ll love this guy. He’s on the label  Ghostly International along with Phantogram, Gold Panda and Choir of Young Believers. I consider him to be another one of the Ann Arbor chosen ones. See for yourself:



Find him here:

Ghostly International


Shigeto’s Site



Listen: Dunian

The word on the street is, not much is known about this individual who goes by the name of Dunian. What is known, is that he is one talented son of a gun. Have a listen to his day-gaze, glitchy tunes full of handclaps and fingersnaps and that catchy synth that you’ll be whistling for the rest of the day.

Watch this fan-made vid to get an idea of how good this guy is:

Also, make sure to download his free EP. Either by going to his Myspace, or by clicking the image below.

click image ^ to download his ep for free.

Listen: TV Girl

Two dudes from San Diego by the names of Trung Ngo and Brad Petering are TV Girl, in 2010 they released a track called “If You Want It” which used a sample from Todd Rundgren’s “Hello It’s Me“, under the lime light of how rad this song was, it became popular enough for Warner Music Group to hear it and make them take it down. Thankfully that did not stop them from making more music. They recently released a new EP, “Benny and The Jetts” which along with all the other music on their site, is FREE. I highly suggest both of their EP’s, they will not disappoint you.


You can find them here:


Porter Robinson- Unison (Knife Party Remix)


You might remember Knife Party’s Ibiza mix that came out recently (and if you haven’t, go listen/download!).  Knife Party comes from the musical genius of Pendulum’s Rob Swire.  They described this as “seizure music,” I agree.  This remix showcases their clean/mean electronic music style.

The Art of Flight

Snowboarding season is upon us here in the west coast.  Recently released on iTunes, “The Art of Flight” is a Planet Earth meets the raddest snowboarding shots you’ve ever seen.  I highly recommend purchasing the whole vid in HD on iTunes.

The soundtrack contains a lot of tracks new and old, and ranges from M83′s dreamy synths, good ol’ rock-n-roll, and even a Nero remix.

Tracks of mention would be:

-3 new tracks off M83′s “Hurry Up, We’re Dreaming” that will be released October 18,2011.  Including “My Tears are Becoming A Sea”

-2 Tracks off The Naked and Famous’ album “Passive Me Aggressive You.”  Tracks featured were “Young Blood” and “No Way.”  I recommend the whole album.

-Apparat’s “Ash/Black Veil” brings his wonderful male vocals with a dreamy track that is perfect for a good listen.

-The Black Angels “Young Men Dead” is similar to a rockin’ Wolfmother sound which I love.

-Deadmau5 “Ghosts N Stuff (Nero Remix)”

-Okkervil River’s “Westfall” = bluegrass + folk sound

-We Are Augustines “Chapel Song”

-The Three Corners of the Earth “Fire Shall Devour Them” is featured above in the trailer.

As a side note, I also recommend “The Metal Trailer” of The Art of Flight.

CAPITAL has found us.

I’ve been exploring so many different companies lately in search for a unique new pair of shades. There have been countless times where I have proceeded to checkout online but quickly decided against it. This should have been because I really didn’t have the money to invest in a new pair of sunglasses but it was  simply because I didn’t feel “right” about it. I know I sound like a girl explaining how she plans to find her beloved groom but I guess it’s just how I shop. Last night I was browsing around the web getting to that stage where I was clicking back and forth between Facebook, NBRHDBRNS, and Vimeo and decided to call it a night. My last click, of course, was to Facebook and an ad on the side caught my eye. The simplicity of the red capital letters drew me in and I naturally clicked it without any thought process. It is rare that I give sidebar ads a second glance. When I landed on the CAPITAL website I felt home. This video is genuine, the guys really care about the product in their hands and who is wearing it. The whole line of glasses is hand crafted, pure class. Step away from the ordinary and get your face into a nice pair of wooden frames. I’ve been waiting for a company like this  for a long time, and finally, CAPITAL has found us.


Alexander Spit & BAGO


 Alexander Spit is no stranger over here at the NHBHDBRNS but I gotta say with confidence this is my favorite project from the rapper/producer yet. Spit and up-and-comer BAGO are killin’ it as a duo. Great vocals and the beat quality is on point. The duo has only released two tracks so far both being heavily original. I’m a fan of anything in minor, dark tones and these tracks deliver so of course, have a listen and go fall in a ravine. I hope the wolves have at you.

-yay brett

New Animal – Lift You Up

We are big fans of New Animal. They just posted this new track last night. I love the melody of this track. It’s gonna be good for a late night drive. Download it from the Soundcloud bar! Check out their other stuff on Bandcamp.

Youth Lagoon – Fat Possum signing and release date

The man/boy (I pretend he’s 12, but he’s 22) behind Youth Lagoon, Trevor Powers, has just signed a deal with Fat Possum. They will release his debut album, The Year of Hibernation, on September 27th.

I got my digital hands on The Year of Hibernation about 3 weeks ago and I will tell you IT IS GREATNESS! It is worth the wait. You will love hearing different feeling songs from him like “Daydream.” But I can honestly say, every track on the album is amazing, and even though the album has only 8 songs, it is definitely one of the best albums of the year.

In case you’ve been living under a rock, or just ignoring possibly the year’s best songs, listen up:

Lifetime Collective Road Trip

Heres a great video of a road trip taken by some of the Lifetime Collective. This clothing company kills it. Definitely a personal favorite. Check out their line for Summer! Also, download this great tune from one of their sponsored artists Thee Oh Sees titled If I Stay Too Long.

DOWNLOAD: The Oh Sees – If  I Stay Too Long (Mediafire)

Keeping it classy

Commuting for cuts with the dudes. It’s a monthly ordeal with our girl Jeni Bump.

8-bit holy shi*


WHOA. This is crazy good. So much to say about not only this album but SAMIYAM’s catalog of instrumentals. Slow “chopped & screwed” like electronic beats, depth, fluidity, almost as if Nintendo was a record label. “Sam Baker’s Album” just released over a month ago in June and where the hell was I? Well I have to get some Panda Express because his collection of grainy sex beats took a lot out of me so please, if you listen to ONE thing I post let it be this.




Go to sleep, Hoe


Introducing Anika… Well, not really. Her self-titled debut album, Anika, came out in December last year via Stones Throw records and was produced by Geoff Barrow of Portishead. Anika’s vocals are almost hard to listen to for me at first but it’s just too damn funky and reminiscent not to like. A collection of sounds can be heard throughout; punk-y, dub, trashy reverb, new wave 80′s pop. Needless to say I’m a sucker when it comes to anything Stones Throw so I may be a little jaded but give it a listen. LUDA!!!



Idaho is beautiful


Guess who is coming to town?


Road Trip Revival

Yesterday we took a mini road trip 2 hours into the desert, to the small, crappy casino town of Wendover. We went to an air-show, checked out some cool planes and walked around the casino. I often ask myself in times like that; “Who lives here? Seriously. Who is it that lives here? Reveal yourself.” I do not know why people end up where they end up, but I do know there is always a reason for it. I am here in Utah right now and my closest friends are living here, home in Riverside, Honduras, Brazil, Mexico, Irvine, San Diego, LA, and so on. I am thankful for the people that have shaped and molded who I am with their influences. Today is such a revitalizing one. Everything seems to be working out. I have made some newer friends in the last few months and feel as close to them as anyone in my whole life. Cheers to days like this one when your mind is in sync with your current situation. Take a walk, go on a hike, listen to some forgotten tunes, call your mom and dad, take your girl on an adventure, do something to make this day better than usual.


The Weeknd – “The Birds (Part 1)”

If you are like me, you haven’t been able to stop listening to The Weeknd‘s debut mixtape House of Balloons. And so if you are like me, you are going to be SUPER EXCITED to hear a new track by them. The new song, “The Birds (Part 1),” is definitely different, and I love it. And so will you.



Memory Tapes///Yes I Know

Memory Tapes video for the second single off the forthcoming album Player Piano dropping July 5th on Carpark records.


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