(How great is this picture? I was originally going to go with Admiral Akbar, but that would’ve been the obvious choice.)

⚠ Disclaimer: Decent headphones / speakers required! ⚠

I’m sure almost all of you have heard those words at some point in your life. I can’t get enough of those Trapaholicz samples. Anyway, it’s becoming pretty apparent that trap is the next big thing – we’ve been loving it here for a while, always bumping it behind the scenes, but failing to post anything up (I’m not sure why). It’s indisputable, in my humble opinion, that trap is taking over. From the pioneers like Flosstradamus, to the mainstreamers in electro like Dillon Francis and Skrillex, to the bedroom artists dropping free 20+ track mixtapes with iPhone app processed album covers, to the old school Triple Six fans, to the Gucci and Waka (and 2 CHAAAAAAYNZ) lovers; big things are happening, and this genre is growing exponentially every day.

Let’s kick things off with Floss.
I’m sure you’ve heard “Video Games” by Lana del Rey, but have you heard this? It’s been making its way around dem innawebz for about a month now. Steady, heavy trap with a well-known sample, but a great take on the original nonetheless.

Oh, and they killed Major Lazer’s “Original Don” as well.

Seeing/hearing trap music dropped in a live set is incredibly fun. I almost expect it nowadays.

In other news:
Moombahton master Dillon Francis redid his acclaimed “Masta Blasta” in a style he calls Trap-Ah-Ton. He dropped this on Soundcloud about nine days ago.

Skrillex got pretty trill..ex (you see what I did there?) on his new “trap” remix of Birdy Nam Nam’s “Goin In”… It’s still very Skrillex though, if that makes sense at all. He also made a DnB remix of the same song for that release.

Diplo‘s been in the trap game a little while now, but he dropped this heavy hitter recently as well.

In the bedrooms:
Kids are paying homage to Cadillac trunks everywhere. Here’s just one of many examples. I chose this one over the others because Hey Arnold was an amazing cartoon back in my day. Duh.

Others like RL Grime continue to kill it (I’m seeing him with TEED at the Echoplex August 9th! If you’re in SoCal, come hang out). I found this dude via Shlohmo. Good stuff.

I’m going to close with one of my current favorites, courtesy of my friend Thought Tempo‘s immaculate taste in bass music. Sorry for the YouTube link, only previews are available on Soundcloud. At least you can watch in HD!

Thanks for tuning in. Trap has officially been added to the roster of what we’re going to be hunting for and posting up by artists both known and unknown. Let’s get it.

If you’re in need of more, check out the Flosstradamus mix we posted a little while back.

What’ve We Been Up To?

A whole lot of nothing… in a way.

Things are starting to wind down in both of our lives though, which means we should be back on top of things with the blog starting this month. Just know that we still love you dearly.

I made this tonight. We went on an under-the-influence adventure yesterday, it was grand.

Song is by C a v e s and you should definitely check him out. We posted some of his stuff here a while back, but head over to his site for more recent tracks.



It’s a Beautiful Day

Go outside as soon as possible. Here’s something in the meantime.

Knxwledge Releases “karma.loops.prt4″

Karma Loops Part 4 just dropped. Pretty standard stuff from Knxwledge, yet always appreciated.

New Monster Rally LP “Beyond The Sea” Up On Bandcamp!

Monster Rally is our dude! Finally the 18-track LP Beyond The Sea is up and available for download. The whole LP is pretty exotic and I am loving it. Good old fashioned lo-fi beats with samples coming from all over the place. GET IT!

Free EP Titled “Toys” From Bedroom

Bedroom is the moniker of solo artist Noah Kittinger of Nashville, TN. His new 5 track EP titled “Toys” feels nostalgic, and reflective as each track follows the last closely keeping it consistent and emotional. It reminds me of  Youth Lagoon, peppered with Zoo Kid and…. umm, KORN.

“I wrote these songs in a time of depression and it really helped me get through it all. I hope you can somehow relate to any song on here.”

This EP is a really good listen all the way through and it’s free… We love free music. Have a listen, download it, and put it on your ipod, iphone, zune, CD, tape, hard drive, or whatever you carry music with.

Check out Bedroom on Bandcamp. Below is my favorite track titled  Concrete.

Onra Released A Delicious EP On Fools Gold Records Today

Onra released his much anticipated new EP titled “Deep In The Night” today via Fools Gold Records on itunes. I have been really excited about this one and after listening to it this morning I am vibing it to the max. This EP is sexy people. It is seriously fantastic. I am a firm believer in spending my money on music and think it’s definitely worth the $4.95. Just give these two tracks below a listen and BUY IT. He is going on tour this summer too, peep the dates!


Onra North American Tour Dates:
Thurs 5/24 – Chicago @ Beauty Bar
Fri 5/25 – San Francisco @ 1015 Folsom
Wed 5/30 – LA @ Low End Theory
Sun 5/27 – San Diego @ Kava
Thurs 5/31 – Dallas @ Dallas Contemporary Museum
Fri 6/1 – St. Louis @ Lola
Sun 6/3 – Upper Lake, CA @ Raindance Festival
Wed 6/6 – Calgary @ HiFi
Thurs 6/7 – Toronto @ Supermarket
Fri 6/8 – Montreal @ Underworld
Tues 7/17 – NYC @ Santos Party House
Wed 7/18 – DC @ U Street Music Hall
Sat 8/4 – Maui @ Loft in Space
Fri 8/10 – Vancouver @ Waldorf Hotel
Sat 8/11 – Seattle @ The Crocodile
Sun 8/12 – Portland @ Mississippi Studios

Skateboarding: Jake’s Junt (Full Movie)

I’ve said it before, but it’s still very true: Growing up we were all heavily influenced by the songs in skate and snowboard videos, and I’d be lying if I said Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater didn’t define my taste when I started to actually explore music. I thought I’d post this up because the soundtrack is superb, and the vibes are great as well. Thirty-five minutes of friends skating and great tunes – whether you’re in the library stressing over finals (like me) or waking up late on a nice summery day, what more could you ask for? Take some time to enjoy this one. Songs from Class Actress, St. Vincent, Octopus Project, Sunset Rubdown, Gold Panda, and more. Track list is at the end! If you feel like supporting some homies, you can pick up a hard copy for $4 here.

Listen + Download Funkywalkman “Los Angeles”

Los Angeles. I think in english it means, Food truck? FUNKYWALKMAN is Matt Kivel of Princeton‘s new side project. I think this track is nice because it doesn’t venture too far off the path I expected it too. This track is actually fantastic. Pop, analog, disco sounds wrapped up in an 80′s style drum beat.  It’s an anthem. It makes Los Angeles sound beautiful. There is definitely beauty there in LA that cannot be found anywhere else.

We want more Funkywalkman soon please.


KAMUTAO Brings Smooth Hip Hop Beats From Barcelona, Spain

We got a really nice email from Barcelona yesterday. Kamutao brewed up this smooth beat tape called Two Suns Can’t Shine Together. He was generous enough to share the whole mix tape as a “pick what you pay” off of his bandcamp. There is a lot of music coming out in the next few weeks! Keep your eyes peeled, and we will do our best to share. I miss you Will. But yes, here is a really nice layed back beat tape for your week! Also, check out this awesome video of Tony creating these custom designed and packaged LP’s. We like you Tony. WWW.KAMUTAO.COM



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