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Blackbird Blackbird – “Discoteque”

Fresh out of the oven & straight to your plate, here’s some new Blackbird Blackbird. How’s that tasting?

PORTALS Mixtape #3

Stumbled upon this new mixtape this morning via Steffaloo‘s Facebook. PORTALS has been making mixtapes monthly to showcase upcoming artists that will be at SXSW. This mixtape includes new stuff from Chrome Sparks, Blackbird Blackbird, TOPS, Galapagos, Candy Claws, and more. Check it out below, donate a dollar to download and support PORTALS or click on the Mediafire link to download the mixtape.


This Just In: Blackbird Blackbird

Check out the recently released track “Tears” below, and download it before it hits its limit! As usual with Blackbird Blackbird, I was loving it immediately. Have a listen!

Blackbird Blackbird – Passions

Here’s a fresh track from Blackbird Blackbird entitled “The Outside,” but listed as “Passions” everywhere he’s posted it. I was thinking it would be a taste of a new release entitled “Passions,” be it a two song EP or a full length, but now I’m just confused. I’m not ashamed to admit it, and frankly it doesn’t matter – all that matters is that Blackbird Blackbird has made something great and you deserve to lend your ears to it for about two minutes. I can’t say I was expecting exactly this type of sound from him, but I absolutely love it. I feel like I’m watching the last sunset of summer, sad to see it go, but ever so nostalgic over the times it brought us. I’m more of a winter person, but here’s to looking forward to next summer and living out the rest of this one.
Have a listen and click the arrow to download:

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Steffaloo – “On Fire” b/w “Red Runs Free” 7 Inch

If you’ve ever visited our cozy little blog before, you’re probably pretty familiar with Steffaloo. The L.A. native has leant her haunting voice to artists such as Blackbird Blackbird, Toy Camera, Germany Germany, and Chrome Sparks, in addition to putting out a ten track bedroom album entitled “Meet Me in Montauk.” Her upcoming release is “On Fire,” a two song debut 7″ on JAXART Records, featuring the single “On Fire” as well as “Red Runs Free,” a track featuring and produced by Pandit. There are lots of reasons to pick up this release as soon as you can – only 300 will be produced, they’re pressed on custom marble vinyl (each of which will be unique), they come with digital downloads and an exclusive Sun Glitters remix – but the most prominent, of course, is the sound itself. Have a listen to “Red Runs Free” below.

Tracklisting for “On Fire”:
 • Side A – On Fire
 • Side B – The Red Runs Free (featuring Pandit)
 • Digital Bonus Track: On Fire (Sun Glitters Remix)

Pre-orders can be made here. Orders will ship “no later than August 24th” according to JAXART. I’ll be ordering my copy later this week when I figure out what my cashflow situation is, so expect a post in the future once I receive the physical copy!

Keep in touch with Steffaloo on Facebook, Bandcamp, and Soundcloud. The other artists I’ve mentioned above are linked to past posts we’ve done on them; their respective contact info will be listed in those posts, so go discover some new sounds if you’re not already familiar.


This Just In: Blackbird Blackbird

Brand new track from our beloved Blackbird Blackbird entitled “Calypso.” Pretty prominent witch house vibe in this one, but not in the sense that it strays from his signature style – for some reason I’m picturing “Blackbird Blackbird Goes to the Cemetery” scrawled across the cover of a well-worn book from an adventure series featuring the young musician. Regardless of my wandering mind, I’m really liking this track; it’s the soundtrack to my erratic thoughts right now. Have a listen for yourself, and download the track in exchange for whatever you’d like to pay.

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